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Data Science XOR

Owner: Dave Coughlin
Location: unknown

One computer that I don't see in your collection is the XOR CP/M computer that I found in a basement. I have the manuals for it and the full schematics (wow) and this one is dated around 1982. I have it connected to an ADDS Regent 25 terminal with a null modem rs232 cable (9600 baud) . There is also a parallel port on the back and another serial port. This one has 2 8" floppy drives, and I bought the last box of 8" floppies I could find in town ! (I think the store owner was glad to see them go...) I believe these computers were sold as a kit and you could pick components that you wanted. I have included a bad picture of the guts.

Here is a little more on the specs right from the manual:

The XOR CPU was developed in 1977 and since then has undergone numerous design changes to take advantage of advancements in technology, and to conform to the IEEE 696 S-100 standards. A typical personal or business computer can be configured with only three boards and a mainframe power supply.


  • Z80A 4 Mhz processor
  • 2 serial RS232 I/O ports 8251
  • 3 8 bit parallel I/O ports 8255
  • On-board 2716 monitor PROM
  • M1 Wait state Generation
  • Memory management
  • Z80 DART/SIO
  • Board can now be used as a network slave or master.


  • WD 1795 Controller Chip set
  • Single Density IBM 3740
  • XOR Double density 8 in. (1.2 meg !!)
  • Concurrent 8in and 5in operation

3. XOR 64K Dynamic RAM:

  • Featuring 4116 250ns

This was taken from the XOR Data Science, Inc CPU Operation Manual. How about them specs !

I have also included a picture of my other junkers. Pictured are my Kaypro II, One of 5 (!) Apple III's with external floppy AND 5 megabyte hard disk (under monitor), a MAC 128K, a Commodore Plus 4 (complete with box and manuals) and a CompaQ Luggable. Next to the Compaq is a 40 meg HD from a Wang Mainframe (2200) made by Quantum (currently used as a doorstop)

P.S. A shameless plug: I am looking for an Apple LISA/XL for my almost complete MAC collection - If you ever come across one running or not, and don't want it, PLEASE email me !

Thanks, dcoughli@servtech.com

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