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Commodore SX-64

Owner: K. Slettemoen & T. Carlson
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Take a C-64, a 1541 drive, and an itty-bitty composite monitor. Cram them all into a luggable case. What do you have? Why the SX-64 of course! It's a stock C-64 in a portable case. The screen, while tiny, is razor sharp with bright colors. Since it really is just a C-64 inside, it can do everything that a real C-64 can do, with one exception:

Many printer interfaces for the C-64 drew their needed power form the cassette port on the back of the C-64. (Just like many small add-ons for PCs take their power from the keyboard port.) But the SX-64 lacks a cassette port. Since a disk drive was part of the package, Commodore saw no need to include the cassette port. (This isn't unusual behavior for them.)

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