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Very, Very Kind People!

The following are people who have been kind enough to send me computers. Many thanks to everyone who has helped. The Museum would be pretty skimpy without their help.

This page has been recently updated, but I don't keep the best of notes. If I've missed you, or, even worse, credited a computer to the wrong person, please let me know.

Computer Hardware

Randy Baldwin

  • Commodore Amiga 500

Jon & Jeff Claman

  • TRS-80 Color Computer 1

Dean Dyer

  • Commodore Pet
  • Compaq Portable

Alan Draves

  • TRS-80 Model 1

Si Dunn

  • Kaypro 4
  • NEC PC-8500

Sally Evans

  • Intertec SuperBrain II Jr.

Edward Ford

  • Kaypro 2000

Jay Glosser

  • TRS-80 Model III
  • Tandy 2000

Jason Hand

  • TRS-80 Model II

Jim Hogue

  • Mac 128k

Dennis Huntsman and the Idaho Falls Salvation Army

  • Apple Lisa
  • Osborne 1 (2nd version)
  • GE Workmaster System
  • Compaq Portable
  • Zenith Laptop

Stefan Jones & Chris Chan

  • Headstart Explorer
  • SpectraVideo 328
  • Daewoo IQ-1000

Steve Lawrence

  • Ohio Scientific Challenger C1P

James (Jimbo) Manfield

  • ZX-81

Don Miller

  • MITS Altair 8800
  • Apple II+
  • DEC Rainbow

National Center for State Courts

  • MicroVAX 3300

Brian Ostrom and Maureen Mucha

  • IBM XT

Mark Sanetrik

  • Epson QX-10

Jack Scheible

  • AT&T 3B2/300

Joseph Silling

  • Tandy Model 102
  • Tandy Model 200
  • Tandy Portable Disk Drive
  • Tandy WP-2

John Stix & Dora Knez

  • Atari PC
  • Commodore 128

Brenda Taylor

  • Zenith Laptop

Mary Jo "Kriss" Winchester

  • Mac 512ke

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