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Hate Mail

It's been nearly a decade since I started the Museum. During that time, on a daily basis, I've been receiving friendly mail from every corner of the globe. However, I finally received my first piece of hate mail. Here it is:

(Annette has politely asked me to remove her e-mail address. Since I'm so nice, I did.)

Subject: Complete Rubbish
Author: Annette
Date: 4/29/97 10:02 PM

This page is completly a waist of time.

Every single computer is obselete by the time you it gets to a store shelf.

New things are coming out every day and even though a piece of computer equipment might look new when you brought it, it still is obselete.

So your page is suckful at least.

Get a life...

I especially liked the adjective "suckful," which I plan to use on a regular basis. I'd make fun of the poor grammar and spelling, but there is the possibility that English isn't Annette's first language. (As it turns out, English is not her first language.)

Send comments to here! (Note the new address. Lots of space to hold photos sent my way.)

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