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Epson PX-8

Donor: Jim Doles
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Why are CP/M machines just so cool? This is the Epson PX-8. It has a great little 80 column by 8 line screen, a great keyboard, a built-in modem, and WordStar in ROM. But so do alot of other older laptops. What makes this guy special is the built-in micro-cassette drive. Not only can you save programs with it, you can play back audio tapes through the laptop. Or combine programs and audio data in a custom application, a talking alarm, for example.

It also has a nice protection system. The screen folds down to cover the micro-cassette drive, and a separate cover slides over the keyboard. A metal carrying handle slides out of the front.

An add-on module, the Multi Unit 64, screws onto the bottom, providing additional memory, PROM sockets, and a better tilt to the keyboard.

Surprisingly, the internal, rechargeable battery still holds a charge. Not for a real long time, but for more than just a few minutes.

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