Osborne Vixen Brochure Page 2

Pictures of the Vixen, open and closed

Osborne introduced the first popular portable computer.

The first "bundled" low-priced system.

Here is the evolution of that revolution.

Before the Vixen, portable meant "luggable". Meaning moveable, with some effort.

And while lap-sized computers offer portability, they can't deliver the functions you need for serious work - at affordable prices.

Enter the Vixen.

Small enough to take anywhere. Powerful enough to do the job right.

The Vixen is just a fraction of the size of an electronic typewriter, yet it gives you the full-system features lap-sized computers make you sacrifice.

Features like a 7-inch diagonal amber screen. 80-column by 24-line display. A full-sized keyboard. Two 400K disk drives that let you store up to 100 typed pages per disk. And even faste response time.

It's a big, full-function system in a small, affordable, reliable package.

Who is the Vixen for? Writers. Students. Independent business thinkers. People who want reliability and portability at a low price.

First and foremost, the Vixen is for people who need great word processing. Because WordStar runs faster on the Vixen. At least two times faster than on an IBM PC. Try it.

The vixen has a typing keyboard. A readable screen. And two disk drives that make it easy to save files and copy disks.

And the Vixen comes with free productivity software for business. Electronic spreadsheets. Graphics. And a host of tools for custom programming, communicating with other computers, computing faster and programming for fun.

No other computer delivers this kind of performance at this price.