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Amstrad PC-20

Owner: T. Carlson
Location: Williamsburg, VA
PC compatible with a whopping 512K RAM. This one has a math coprocessor! MDA video, text only, but it's still sharper than my NEC MultiSync. Used it as my main computer through a year of Law School. Once used to control an old CD-ROM drive as an audio CD player. (Unfortunatly, the CD-ROM drive finally died.) Most recently acted as the official CTC5 Countdown Clock, literally counting down the seconds until CTC5. (As of the 16th of November, 1997 it was at 57,226,550 and counting!)

Sample CTC5 Countdown Clock Output

(This is only a sample, this is not a working Web clock!)
Total Seconds Until CTC5:

    ooooo d88888D   .d888b. .d888b.    dD       ooooo   ooooo  .d8b.
   8P~~~~ VP  d8'   VP  `8D VP  `8D   d8'      8P~~~~  8P~~~~ .8P `8.
  dP         d8'       odD'    odD'  d8'      dP      dP      88   88
  V8888b.   d8'      .88'    .88'   d8888b.   V8888b. V8888b. 88   88
      `8D  d8'      j88.    j88.    88' `8D       `8D     `8D `8b d8'
  88oobY' d8'       888888D 888888D `8888P    88oobY' 88oobY'  `Y8P'

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