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NEC PC-6001A

Owner: Charles P. Hobbs
Location: Canoga Park, CA

I love these obscure 8-bits. According to the owner:

This is a picture of a NEC PC-6001A I bought at a local flea market (for less than $10) about four years ago. This computer was on the market around 1981-2 or so, but was never distributed widely in the U.S.

The computer as shown has 8K of ram, plus built in Microsoft BASIC. I don't think it has dot-addressable graphics, but it does have color TV output and a set of line drawing characters (plus a small selection of other special characters, accessed by pressing the "ALT CHAR" key on the keyboard). It also has a three-voice sound generator (similar to TI-99/4A, MSX, etc.) and a built-in speaker, accessible from BASIC.

The PC-6001A can also accept programs on ROM cartridges, one of which is shown. There's also a cassette jack, and another port on the back of the machine for other peripherals (disk drives? printer?)

Here's a larger version of the above picture.

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