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Morrow Decision I S-100 Bus Computer

Owner: S. Sanders
Location: somewhere in Florida?

S-100 bus computers rule! Steve Sanders tells us about his:

Pictured is a Morrow Decision I S-100 Bus computer complete with an 8" floppy drive/14" hard drive sub system. This is running a 64K CP/M OS of course. The single-sided 8" floppy disks could hold a whopping 340K of data a piece! And the Shuggart 14" hard drive took about five minutes to spin-up to operating speed before the heads would release for R/W action. The hard drive would also continue spinning for about ten minutes after you switched off the power (and the lights in the room returned to normal brightness once again).

You could hardly hear yourself think in the room with all the noise that came out of the Morrow CPU because it had a huge fan in it to keep it cool. The floppy/HD subsystem also had a huge fan in it but you couldn't hear it over the sound that the Shuggart hard drive made :-)

Also pictured is my twin Kaypro-10 RCPM/M BBS system hooked up to a pair of speedy Hayes 300 Smartmodems! The Kaypro-10 was basically a Kaypro II with an internal 10MB hard drive. Wow! 64K CP/M operating system running on a speedy 4MHz Z-80 CPU. And who can forget that built-in 9" green monitor that could actually do inverse video - wow! graphics...

Long live CP/M! I don't do windows...

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