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Hewlett Packard 2647A

Owner: Gaby Chaudry
Location: Cologne, Germany

Now this is a terminal. Owner Gaby fill us in:

The HP was the key to my computer collection. Actually it's not a computer, but an intelligent terminal, but for the many features it has got it deserves to be called a computer anyway. It was build in 1979 or 1980, having an 8080-A processor, 64 K RAM, 64 K ROM and 32 K Video RAM. It comes with two built-in tape drives, each of them having a capacity of 110 K. Just by keystroke you can choose different text sizes and angles, draw lines and zoom up to eight times! It was given to me by my ex-boy-friend who didn't know what to do with it as it was completely disconnected and we had no idea how to put it together again. After some time I managed to get a second one which didn't work neither but which came which manuals. So I was finally able to build up a working one out of two.

The only thing I'm still looking for are tapes, as the ones I've got are completely rotten. Therefore, if there's anybody who has got cartridges named HP200 Series 9800, please let me know! 

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