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Intertec SuperBrain II Jr.

Donor: Sally Evans
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Many, many thanks to Sally Evans for donating the SuperBrain! It's name is "Bertie", after Albert Einstein (a superbrain is there ever was one). It comes loaded with:

  • Hardware:
    • twin Z80A's at 4Mhz (one churns the numbers and handles the screen, the other runs the disk I/O)
    • twin 5 1/4" drives, each holding 162Kb
    • 64Kb RAM
    • generously sized monitor, 80 columns by 24 rows (plus one status row), razor sharp, specially treated to reduce glare
    • twin RS-232 serial ports
  • Software:
    • CP/M 2.2 for an operating system. (Ya gotta love an OS that only takes up 12Kb!)
    • 8080 disk assembler and debugger
    • text editor
    • file handling utilities
    • Microsoft BASIC (of course)

I absolutely love it! It boots in 7 seconds, but takes 7 more seconds for the screen to warm up enough to see anything. This is the first CP/M machine I've had a chance to actually play with and, so far, it's a blast! The SuperBrain is structurally huge, weighing a full 45 pounds. It's constructed of a special structural foam, so it's actually lighter than it looks. The area around the screen and keyboard is covered with a rubbery, felt-like coating. It's easily the most rubbable computer I've ever seen. The one drawback is that the power switch is on the back of the housing and it's a long reach!

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