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Apple ][+

Donor: Don Miller
Location: Williamsburg, VA

Part of the historic Apple ][ line, the Apple ][+ filled the gap between the Apple ][ and the more capable Apple ][e and Apple ][c. The twin drives each hold around 140k-160k, depending on who I ask. The Apple ][ line-up was a staple of school for years. This particular computer was rescued from the Granite Falls Middle School. Unfortunately, no disks were available. After digging through piles of old Commodore 64 disks, I managed to find a few Apple disks. However, all but one required an Apple ][e. One lone disk did work, providing a few fun games.

The Apple ][ line was enormously popular in its heyday. After a few stumbles, namely the Apple /// and the Lisa, the Apple ][ line led to the equally impressive Macintosh line, starting with the Mac 128k.

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