Osborne Vixen Brochure Page 3

Screen Shots and Text

Working with the Vixen:

All you need in one neat little package.

Working with the Vixen is like working with a much bigger computer.

Except that you can take it anywhere.

(Try bringing an IBM PC home from the office tonight. Or putting a Macintosh under your airplane seat.)

Media Master makes the Vixen data-disk compatible with a world full of personal computers. If you already own a computer, now you can afford to buy a second.

The Vixen's CP/M operating system gives you access to the huge library of CP/M productivity software. But if that's not enough:

Free Media Master software lets you transfer files between the Vixen and over 200 other computers, including the MS-DOS format.

Your computing capabilities just expanded over 200 times over.

Free Productivity software: An Osborne tradition.

When you buy the Vixen, the price includes software tools for writing, for creating spreadsheets, custom programming,graphics and just plain fun.

You get WordStar, MailMerge, SuperCalc 2, MBasic, Osboard, Desolation, Media Maste and Turnkey. Free.

(Try asking your IBM or Apple dealer to throw in mine free software packages with a system!)

Free Membership in FOG, the First Osborne Group.

Osborne will buy every Vixen owner an annual FOG membership, making you part of the largest user group around.

You'll get better - and faster - answers to your computing questions than any computer dealer can give you. You can attend group meetings at over 300 locations. Meet Osborne owners and users who are glad to show you all the shortcuts and useful applications they've found for the Osborne. And take advantage of the thousands of public domain packages in FOG's ever-expanding library.

Thinking of buying a new program? Check its track record with FOG members who alread use the package before you invest.

Designed to endure.

Like all well-designed tools, the Vixen is built to last.

And like all classics, it will outperform the short-term solutions.

Here it is: Portable, powerful, reliable and data-compatible.

If you liked Osborne comuters before, you will absolutely, positively, love the Vixen.

WRITE Screen Shot WRITE and edit everything from business correspondence to the Great American Novel with WordStar, the world's best selling word processing package. The Vixen was made for WordStar. No other computer runs it as quickly or neatly.

CALCULATE Screen Shot CALCULATE with SuperCalc 2, a terrific electronic spreadsheet. You'll find no end to the uses of this invaluable budgeting and scheduling management tool.

CREATE Screen Shot CREATE custom programs in MBasic, the standard in BASIC languages. Develop your own software for a variety of applications. Let your imagination and ingenuity expand your computing horizons.

GENERATE Screen Shot GENERATE business graphics with Osboard. Enhance your reports and proposals with charts, graphs and other visual aids on screen, on paper or on presentation slides.

RECREATE Screen Shot RECREATE with Desolation, the airchair adventure game that puts you in the pilot's seat of a space-age helicopter.

Simply put, the Vixen is a better way to write.

If you spend any amount of time writing you'll understand the value of Vixen's full-sized business keyboard. Its amazingly sensitive keystroke response - with 255-character type-ahead capability - will have you wanting to write all day.

You can, because the Vixen's crisp, clear amber display characters are easier to read than those of much larger desktop computers.

No computer is more suited to running WordStar.

You get immediate response to WordStar commands. Faster text manipulation. Faster file saving. You can program you function keys to set up automatic margins, line spacing and other elements you use most often. And you can store up to 100 typed pages on each diskette.

Of course, WordStar gives you automatic carriage returns and word-breaks at the end of each line. And automatic footnotes, page-breaks and page numbers. Plus the ability to rearrange words, sentences, paragraphs, pages or entire documents.

In short, you get all the functionality of a word processor - at a fraction of the cost.

And this powerful writing tool goes anywhere your writing takes you.

There is nothing more ideal for manuscripts, reports, screenplays, term papers - you name it.

Suddenly, you can focus on the words you're writing, instead of the mechanics of writing them.